Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Traffic control aides

By John Greenfield

[This piece also runs in Time Out Chicago,]

Q: What’s the deal with traffic control aides - are they trained experts or just ineffectual masters of the obvious?

A: Chicago’s 610 traffic aides may seem like a waste of taxpayer dollars – about $10 million annually – ordering us to walk or not when a signal says the same. But these civilians in safety vests keep traffic flowing during rushes, emergencies and special events, says Traffic Management Authority spokeswoman Jennifer Martinez. They can override stoplights, like waving a stranded vehicle through a red so it doesn’t “block the box.” Their numbers have been steady since 2005 when TMA took over the program from the police, and they still train on-street with cops. Aides can’t ticket for moving violations or jaywalking but sometimes cite illegally parking. Last year CBS 2 videotaped several in the Loop slacking, using confusing gestures and ignoring dangerous driving. The city ordered a week of additional training for all aides and disciplined eight. But Martinez says most are hard-working professionals. “I give them credit – it’s a dangerous job.” Active Transportation Alliance’s Rob Sadowsky says aides should do more to protect peds and pedalers from speeders. “The TMA’s motto is ‘Moving Chicago Faster,’” he says. “It should be ‘Moving Chicago Safely.’”


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Anonymous said...

Walking in full-time traffic control aides under the chicago police department. We had to pay all bills that we msy owe to the city, classes at the academy,crossing guard,and submit to background test(drug screening). These new hrly traffic control aides seem to come from Mayor Daley second chance program:former addicts and criminals with records. Upper Mgmt are Mayor Daley's friends, bridgeport, or canaryville.They create titles like superintendent of scheduling, super(T) of supervisors keep in mind professional job(s) require degrees none of these people have them Naureen Cooney, Michele Dicola, and t.J. Also they only offer promotions to non-black or mexicans. They have so many law suits pending. City money wasted by Daley's friends. John Botika came from McCormick Place Supervising security guards how does this equal qualified to over see traffic control aides entire dept.